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Title: MoC Corner Rules and Info
Post by: Rakoua on July 13, 2009, 02:04:08 pm
Welcome to the MOC Corner! What is a MoC? It stands for "My Own Creation". It is used for LEGO creations.

Some rules to follow while you're in here:

-Topics here don't die.

-Please don't spam the forum with thoushands of topics, one per day max please. So if you have more then one MoC, use one topic.

-Make your pictures good, and not blurry. What good is having a topic whit bad pictures? If you need help with making a picture, there is a pinned topic in this forum where you can ask.

-Don't flame creations. Offer constructive advice on what should the topic starter do to make his or her creation better.

-Don't spam! That includes just saying that it is cool, good, great, magnificent, etc..

-LDD creations are allowed!