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Title: The Official MLNO List of Frequently Asked Questions
Post by: Blade on September 01, 2009, 03:04:44 pm
Welcome to the Official FAQ topic. Here, you will find frequently asked questions and the answers. They're all color coded for easy browsing. Please don't post a question if it's located in this topic. If it's not, post your question in this board:Member Help Center (,205.0.html).

Table of Contents:

MLNO Rules
MLNO Security
MLNO Staff
MLNO Signatures
MLNO Boards
MLNO Reputation

MLNO Rules

Q: Where can I find the MLNO Rules?
A: You can find them in this board:
MLNO Reference Desk (,256.0.html)

Q: What does happen if I don't follow the rules?
A: You will be warned at first. If you don't cease rulebreaking activity, you will lose rep. Heavier or repeated violations can result in various bans (Day, week and month) and finaly, a permanent ban.

Q: Who enforces the rules?
A: The MLNO Staff enforce the rules.

MLNO Security

Q: Who should I contact if I notice a rule violation?
A: You should report rule violations to the Admins, Global Mods or the local Mod of the board in which the violation is located.

Q: What happens if I report a rule violation?
A: You might get a reward in rep, however nothing is certain. However, we will not reveal to anyone that you reported the violantion.

Q: Is there a way to report posts directly from the topic?
A: Yes, using the report button located in the top right of a post, next to the Quote button.

Q: An assailant has just attacked the forum! What do I do?
A: Please visit the following topics for more information:

MLNO Security Center (,1483.0.html)
MLNO Safety and Security Protocol (,1527.0.html)

The best thing to do when an attacker arrives at the forum with malicious intent is to report it to an administrator and log out immediately.

MLNO Staff

Q: Where can I find a list of the MLNO Staff?
A: You can find it here:
The Staff of the My LEGO Network Organization (,5133.0.html)

MLNO Signatures

Q: Are there any limitations regarding signatures?
A: Yes, you will find them here:
Signature Rules (,5364.0.html)

MLNO Boards

Q: I don't know where do I put my topic! What to do?
A: Contact a staff member, or post it in the board you think it belongs in and then contact a staff member. If he or she thinks that it is misplaced, it will be moved to the correct board.

MLNO Reputation

Q: How do I gain or lose rep?
A: You get rep by helping out the community in different ways, like contributing, or helping out a member. How to gain rep is supposed to be vague though, but you should get a PM when you get a rep point explaining how.

As for losing rep, a very simple way to do that is by breaking a rule. Major rules will get you on the first time, while minor offenses like excessive spam will allow a warning first.

You wil also lose rep for bugging the staff to get rep.

(quotes from admins Dudebot and Blade)


Q: I found a really cool story about LEGO! Where can I post it?
A: Feel free to PM the story to an administrator, and it just may get posted in the news!

If you have a question that hasn't been answered in this topic, please ask an administrator using a Personal Message, or in the Member Help Center (,205.0.html). =)