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Flower Garden 2/3 [Webcomic]

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Author Topic: Flower Garden 2/3 [Webcomic]  (Read 234 times)
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« on: June 08, 2013, 01:30:59 am »

Well, apparently this is the best place to put it...

Since Christmas 2012, I've been practicing drawing with the help of Mastering Manga by Mark Crilley, and, though I still need improvement, I've finally gotten started on my own webcomic, Flower Garden 2/3. (The Flower Garden part does have a metaphorical meaning, 2/3 is just a number)

You can see concept art and the first comics (the first arc, basically), and also read some short stories that act as prequels, here: (90% of them do not require an account to see)

Once the first arc is complete, I'll be getting an actual website for it, I already have the URL picked out, and I'll probably use Dreamhost to host it.


Main characters:

Misu Rami: An attractive 18-year old, Misu finds herself targeted by the members of Brother Grimm's cult, particularly the serial killer Emma Evangel, and the sinister dollmaker "Tinker".

Leila Otomo: Misu's closest friend (though Misu will deny it), Leila always projects a cheerful, carefree attitude. It's an act, and she is certainly hiding some severe trauma (expressed by her extreme fear of all males). Sketch of Leila and Misu together:

Kira Kara: A teenage millionaire, nerd, genius, and occasionally insufferable know-it-all, Kira owns the house where the girls live, and considers herself the leader of the group (the others disagree).

Nami Korukawa: An energetic, perpetually happy girl with a severely overactive imagination. She is closely attached to Shell, who she idolizes.

Amanda "Shell" Demij: The oldest and most mature of the group, Shell is a neat-freak who keeps the house spotless, and also provides all the meals. If not for her, the girls would probably be eating nothing but takeout and living under a mountain of dust.


Brother Grimm: The leader of the cult. Nothing is known about him.

Emma Evangel (Born Emma Stone): The assassin of the cult. Emma hunts down those marked for death by Brother Grimm, and murders them with extreme pleasure.

Damien Stone: A more subtle, but no less vicious, killer.

"The Jabberwock": A spy placed within the police force by Grimm. Identity unknown.

The Tinker: REDACTED

Supporting Characters:

Michael Drow: The police officer in charge of the investigation.

Azazeal: A character that appeared in the Future Darkness short story. That's all I can reveal without spoilers.

Muununalla: Azazeal's partner. Can't reveal more yet.

The Chief: The unnamed chief of police.


1: Death at the Ball

2: The Queen and the Cat

3: Misu in Wonderland

4: Daddy Issues

5: Waking the Doormouse

(Short break planned for after this)

6: Budding Romance (tentative title)

7: Summer Paradise (tentative title)

8: The Vorpal Blade

9: Soulless March (Tentative title)

10: A Grimm Truth

(another break is planned)

(All future arcs are planned but classified)
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