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Set #8990-1: Fero and Skirmix

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Author Topic: Set #8990-1: Fero and Skirmix  (Read 117 times)
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« on: October 26, 2009, 04:38:56 pm »

It is time for my Fero & Skirmix Review!

Fero & Skirmix
Since we have two seperate sets (more or less), I'll do them seperately in each section. Each section will be based on a 10-point system, with each of them contributing a max of 5 points.

The Build

...he's an AvGori with a Skrall helmet, a sword and a Thornax Launcher. And a connecter piece on his back for riding Skirmix. Wait...he doesn't have any fists!? RIP-OFF. A smaller helmet, fists, and a Gresh-style Thornax Launcher would pretty much perfect him.



Cooooooooool. =P Skirmix is a nice break from a Matoran/Inika Clone build. He's actually somewhat challenging. Took me a good 30 minutes+ to make him, and it's enjoyable. There are a few flaws though, like his miniscule tail and and hands. I know he's a dinosaur, but his hands could be bigger. Not much to complain about otherwise though. Fun to pose, or make him eat Fero's head xP It would be nice if he had a better way to let Fero ride him...


Total: 6.9/10



Fero would be pretty much lost without Skirmix. I find it hard to believe he defeated Skirmix. =P  He's apparently a lot of power in a small frame, although he does have an impressive sword, and his Thornax launcher makes him capable of terrorizing Agori.



...Skirmix is the star of this set. 'nuff said. He has good leg movement, decent body, and epic head. A bit more meat on him would be nice though. And his tail is puny. "I am Skirmix! Even the mightiest of bunny rabbits flee from me!" =P Also, his arms could be...longer. "I have a big head, and little arms. I'm just not well this plan was thought out." He's very posable, and I like how he can chomp off the heads of Agori. =P He has blue pins, but for once they don't look horrific. Mainly because you can almost never see them.


Overall: 8.1/10


Well, as for price, they're together. The price is excellent, as I managed to find them for only $20 (although I doubt that's the MSRP). Together, they have the piece equivilent of roughly three Glatorian. And they're pretty good together.


Fero Fail. Skirmix WIN. Together? EPIC WIN. Fero is okay on his own, but with Skirmix, he is AWESOME. They are simply meant to be together. There are flaws (primarily Fero), but they aren't major enough to make this set any less amazing. Now get Berix and Gresh so you can act out comic one, minus the two other Glatorian. "And another thing-I don't travel alone. *no one shows up* *Fero enslaves Berix and Gresh* =P

Final Score: 8.3/10
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